• 2015-04-13 - We increased security recently - now every user gets EVERY order in zip with personal PASSWORD ( wich goes to email ) if you want this feature to be OFF - tell me in skype . But then you should take own responsibility for possible loss of your pass or any other issue with your account security

  • 13/18/2015 - For ppl who preordered BF Hardline - we starting scanning now so please expect your preordered keys to be uploaded at about 18-00 CET, after preordered keys will be uploaded we will have little leftover stock that will be free for everyone to buy , pricewise it will be more expensive then preorder was tho .
  • 03/12/2015 - The preorders are working automatically now , all of them moved to the top of the products list at the moment , to buy some - you have to put the number and click on "Preorder" button, at the date of arrival - the files with keys will appear in your orders ( "my Orders" tab ) automatically, so you just download the files and enjoy :)

  • 03/12/2015  -  Hi all, gonna post here some "news" manually ~~

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